One Shot - Jared Leto

 One Shot - Jared Leto 
Don’t ask me how I got here. This whole day of assisting production of Jamboree 2011 has been a blur. All I know is I am standing in the middle of Jared Leto’s Chicago hotel room now. Despite being in the music business, I have never hooked up with a rock star, nor did I think I ever would. But Jared has always had an inexplicable effect on me. Everything about him is sex and just the thought of him gets my panties wet. At the risk of sounding crass, he turns me into a little slut. Publicly, I demand respect. In bed, I like being treated like a whore and I know Jared would be able to do that better than any other man.

The sound of the mini-fridge door closing brings me back to the scene in front of me: Jared, shrugging off his faded denim jacket and tossing it over a chair before pulling out two glasses and pouring crisp Pellegrino water into each one. His simple white t-shirt and jeans cling to his taut physique. His thick hair is dishevelled and my fingers itch to mess it up even more. The atmosphere in his room is calm, as he has come down from his stage high. The sweat has dissipated but my mind can’t help but drift off to thoughts of holding on to his sweaty shoulders for dear life while he pounds into me with all his strength. I want to feel the scruff on his chiselled face against my thighs. My heart skips a beat and I know I can’t wait any longer. I want him. I need him. 

“You should probably save some of that,” I say, pointing to the Pellegrino. “You’re gonna need to stay hydrated tonight.” His eyes widen slightly and a playful smile crosses his lips, obviously caught off guard by my bluntness. “Oh yeah, why’s that?” Jared replies, playing coy. His gaze is intense, but that’s one of the things that makes me desire him so badly. 

I walk over to him slowly, my eyes never leaving his. Pushing my chest into his and running my hands up his shoulders and around his neck, I whisper, “Because I hear you have a huge cock and I want it in all my holes. Let me be your little play thing tonight.”

Well fuck me…,” he growls as he grabs the hair at the back of my head and kisses me passionately. As he crushes my body to his, I can feel how excited my words got him. I run one of my hands over his growing bulge and can tell that his size was not exaggerated in the rumor mill. Pushing me over to the couch, he sits down while I stand in front of him. 

Strip for me,” he demands. Not wasting any time, I remove my top, jeans, and bra. Being almost completely bare in front of him is intimidating, but oddly empowering. I decide to tease him a little taking off my panties. Turning around, I hook my thumbs into the sides of my lacey thong and slowly push it down my legs. I make sure to take my time bending over, giving him a clear view of the ass he will be owning tonight.

When I turn back around, he is shirtless and working his tight pants off of his legs. He was going commando all day and I feel myself getting even wetter at that thought.  

So you want this in all of your holes, huh?” he asks, stroking himself. I nod and he orders me onto my knees in front of him. His cock is thick and veiny – and nothing short of awe-inspiring. I’ve never been with a man his size and my mouth waters at the sight of his member.

“Let’s start with this one,” he says, squeezing my chin with his fingertips around my mouth, “such a pretty little mouth.” I start slow and teasingly, taking him in my hand at the base and running my tongue on the underside from base to tip, twirling it around his head. He whimpers softly and I’m secretly thrilled. Taking him further in my mouth I cup his balls in my free hand. My jaw hurts, but I want nothing more to hit all of his sweet spots. He puts his hand on my head and pushes me down further on his now-rock hard cock so it’s practically down my throat. My eyes are watering, I’m almost gagging, and I can tell he fucking loves it. “Yes…oh fuck, baby. That sweet little mouth looks so good around my cock. Suck it just like that. Fuck.” I continue my ministrations, enjoying the pleasure I’m giving him. I need a break for air so I turn my attention to his balls. Sucking on one, then the other, I gently rub the spot between his balls and anus. His abs tighten and I feel his hips tremble just a little. “Shit, yes baby. Wow…not too many girls know about that spot.” I grin and return my mouth to his shaft. He tastes so good, I would volunteer to be his personal little cocksucker if I could.

He stops me abruptly and leads me to sit on the edge of the bed. “Lay back,”he orders me and I follow his command. He grabs my thighs and pulls my ass to the edge of the bed before briefly stroking my sex to make sure I am ready. “So wet…you like sucking my cock, huh?” “Mhmmm,” is all I can manage. Sinking into me, I cry out in pain and pleasure. Without concern, he pulls out and thrusts brutally back into me. “God damn, you’re so tight,” says with his eyes closed, obviously savoring the feeling of my hot wetness around him. “You want more?”I can only nod my desire at this moment.  He grabs my legs and puts them around his neck and starts pounding me like there is no tomorrow. I’m so close, I can feel the tingle in my core spreading through the rest of my body. “Oh God, I’m gonna come. Don’t stop! Fuck me like I’m your little whore!” He angles my hips in a position that has him stroking my spot deep inside and me coming for the first time. Screaming his name and grabbing his glistening arms, my whole body tenses and I see white.
A forceful smack on the side of my thigh startles me and I look at him in shock. “I didn’t say you could come, did I?” he asks in a stern tone.I honestly didn’t know I had to ask for permission, but his control excites me.

He flips me over onto my knees and pushes me down at my right shoulder before plunging back into me, full force. “Holy FUCK,” I can’t help but scream. He fills me even deeper than I thought possible. “You like that, don’t you? Little fucking whore,” Jared says through gritted teeth and ragged breath. “Oh my God, yes! Make me take it!“ Jared takes his left hand off my hip and roughly pulls me back by my left arm, forcing me down further on his cock, already pounding me deep. 
The sounds coming from my mouth are unfamiliar and uncontrollable. I’ve never been fucked like this and I never want it to stop. “Oh fuck, yes! Jared, please don’t stop!!” Feeling me tighten around his cock, he knows I’m close. To my dismay, Jared stops and pulls out, leaving me panting and disappointed. I turn over and stare at him, confused.  

“ I’m not ready for you to come again yet,” he says in a firm tone as he leans over to caress my lips with his. ”If I’m not mistaken, I still have one more hole to explore.” I lean back on the bed and giggle, suddenly feeling shy as Jared makes his way slowly down my body with his mouth. He takes his time at my breasts, flicking & sucking each nipple to keep them hard little buds. I’m distracted from my shyness when I feel that roughness I craved between my thighs. 
He teases me for what feels like eternity, stroking my inner thighs, kissing me down to my toes and back up. Ending the tease, he flicks his tongue once over my clit. I’m already so turned on; I almost come at that first lick. Jared licks from my clit to my ass and back up, over and over, while running his fingertips from my sternum to my mound. It’s exquisite pleasure that has me grinding my hips toward his face and grabbing the sheets. He strokes my pussy with his tongue once more before settling around my puckered hole.

Inserting one finger into my soaked pussy, he strokes my walls before inserting a second finger. Taking out his wet fingers, he brings them down to my anus, circling it before gently poking one in. I tense up slightly and he stops to comfort me. “Just relax. I know what I am doing and I’ll go slow. I don’t want to hurt you…yet,” he says with a wicked grin. His words do calm me and he continues working on my asshole, gently stroking his fingers in and out, using his own saliva to lubricate me as much as possible, and occasionally sucking on my clit. Holy fuck, this man knows how to keep me on the edge. “Jared, please, I’m ready.”
We move to the middle of the bed and he climbs beside me so we’re almost spooning. Spitting again on his cock, he lifts my left leg over his and gently eases himself into me before pulling back out. I prop my head up and look at him, silently begging him to shove himself into me. He takes his throbbing cock in his hand and thrusts in between my legs, every notch and vein rubbing against my pussy. “Tell me what you want,” he demands. Breathlessly, I answer his taunt. “I want you, I want that amazing cock.”

“Where?” he asked, rubbing the meaty head of his cock on my clit deliberately. “In my…ass…please,” I barely make out. With that, he decided to give me what I want and thrusts into my ass in one stroke. ”Fuuuuck,” we both moan in sync. He pulls out slowly and thrusts again, allowing me to get adjusted to the intrusion. It’s a kind of pleasure that can’t be described; the stimulation is almost too much. I shudder when he speeds up his thrusts. “You have goose bumps,” Jared comments, running his hand down my arm. “You….just…feel…so…good…in my ass. Harder, please!!” I cry out.

Jared’s pounds me and I arch my back, desperately grasping the sheets beneath us. He reaches around to rub my clit and all the muscles in my body tense. I’m so fucking close again. “Fuck, just when I thought you couldn’t get any tighter…” I look over at him to see his face, damp with sweat, in a twisted expression, like his pleasure is agonizing and he’s trying to hold on. “Are you gonna come for me?” Jared asks in an almost commanding tone. “Can I, please?” I ask him. He grabs my hair at the scalp and pulls me back toward him. Whispering in my ear, his words are enough to send me over the edge. “ You’ve been such a good little slut. Come all over my cock. Now. I want to watch you come before I come all over those gorgeous tits.” I lose all control as the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had washes over my body. My entire body shakes and I scream his name and every obscenity in the book.  It’s practically an out of body experience. I hear an evil chuckle in my ear that starts to bring me back to Earth.

Before I know it, Jared pulls out and straddles me at my legs. Stroking his cock furiously, he stares at my body before bringing his gaze to mine. “You’re so fucking hot. I’m gonna cum so fucking hard.” Within seconds, his lips part and his head drops back as he lets his orgasm take over. Spurt after spurt of hot, thick cum shoot over my breasts and stomach. Most girls hate that, but I’m not most girls. I swirl it around with my fingertips before lightly running my mouth back over his shaft to extend his pleasure He collapses beside me and we lay next to each other in silence  for a few moments, catching our breath.

Breaking the silence, Jared questions me. “I heard you may have planned this rendezvous when you found out Mars was playing Jamboree.”

“You may have heard correctly.” I decide to answer him honestly.

Good. I’m glad. I might have to make this a Chicago tradition.

He gets up and heads toward the kitchen, where the Pellegrino that we abandoned sits on the counter.


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