“You’re in My Body” Part 45 “An Unexpected Meeting” by earthtomaggie

An Unexpected Meeting

Jared’s POV 

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

Maggie smiles her amazing smile for me and runs her fingers through my hair.

“It was my idea, so I’m fine. And I’m sure that you’re slowly going crazy from being inside over the holidays. Just go…”

I have to smile back and pull her into my arms and onto my lap. “Baby, I don’t want to hurt you. I thought we’d spend this depressing day together?”

She laughs and shakes her head, making her hair fall off her shoulders. “Since when do you have such a problem with aging? You’re doing such a good job at it.”

“I don’t have a problem with aging, I’m just constantly reminded that I’m not that young anymore by… you.”

She laughs again and cocks her head. “Oh please… you look perfect. And I’m into older guys anyways.”

I frown and roll my eyes. “So it’s okay if I go on this hike.”

“Yes, it is.”

I rub her belly and kiss her shoulder. “What’s the other present? Come on, I wanna know!”

She shakes her head. “Nonono, it’s a little secret that I have…”

I grab her chin and pull her closer. “I don’t like you having secrets from me,” I whisper against her lips and press mine against hers. She smiles and kisses me back, aggressively pushing her lips against mine and pulling me closer by my collar. She opens her mouth for my tongue and I push it in, wrapping it around her tongue, softly making love to her mouth.

When she pulls back, she licks her lips and brushes strands of hair behind her ear. “You should go.”
“I should.”

She gets off my lap, and brushes her dress straight. “Change, and go,” she orders.

I sigh and go upstairs to change while she clears away our breakfast dishes.

When I get back, she sits in the living room with Robert and Jamie, and Jamie hands her something.

“Thank you,” she mumbles. “Just let me know how much you want for it.”

He just waves her hand. “Nothing, just bring me some chocolate next time you go to Germany.”

She chuckles. “Deal.”

“Hey guys,” I step in. They all get up and I feel immediately comfortable surrounded with these people I’d trust to death.

“Happy birthday, bro,” Babu smiles at me and gives me a hug.


“Happy birthday, man” Jamie grins. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, just hold on one second,” I grin and turn around to my fiancé. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her passionately. She smiles and pats my chest.

“Just. Go.”

I kneel down in front of our Christmas tree and retrieve the knitted gloves Maggie gave me for Christmas.

“Now I’m ready.”

“Hey, let’s sit down and enjoy the view for a second,” says Jamie.

We do and check out what’s in front of us. It’s beautiful, miles of untouched nature in the middle of California. The sun is shining beautifully onto the Erica and the little river that flows past us, so I snap a couple of pictures with my Nikon. I have a sip of water and we talk a little about the new album, the next tour and the new video. Then we get to talking about Christmas and I tell them about the letter we got yesterday.

“Fuck, man… you’re fucked!” Jamie shakes his head. “And you can’t even do anything. This really sucks!”

“Thanks Jamie… that doesn’t really help,” I sigh.


“So, how is Maggie doing?” asks Babu.

“She was upset yesterday. I’ve never seen anyone so pale. She actually fainted, so I made her lie down for the rest of the day. She’s scared obviously; really frightened that somebody might stand behind the bushes - try to shoot her. And I don’t know what to tell her, I mean, it’s true. It’s just not good for her right now. The baby is suffering too…”

Jamie pats my back. “Everything will be okay; I seriously doubt that this person is really trying to kill her. Why announce it first? You’ll be fine. How is she doing with the pregnancy?”

“Pretty good I think. Of course, she’s getting a little sick of having to pee all the time and of her back pain, but we’re both so excited to have this baby that all that just sort of vanishes. She sometimes just sits there with her eyes closed and with her hand on her belly to feel what’s going on. I’m almost a little jealous of the connection they share.”

“You’ll be a great dad, Jared. You’ll be wonderful parents, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be the coolest ever. This child will have nothing to ask for.”

“Coming from you, that means a lot, Jamie.”

We leave our spot and continue our trail. Ten minutes later, we hear some people behind us and then there’s somebody yelling.

“Leto? Leto, my man? Is that you?!”

I turn around and see a face from my past. Skinny, dark hair, little acne scars on his face, but a mischievous smirk on his lips, and baggy clothes on his body. “Andy? Is that you?”

“Leto, how you doin? It’s been years, dude!” Andy folds his arms around me, and I answer with an awkward hug. It has been years, indeed, and it was completely on purpose, at least on my part.

“Guys, this is Andy, he used to be…, I guess you could call him my party buddy, you know… in the past. Andy, these are Babu and Jamie, we work together.”

They shake hands and then he looks at me again. “Buddy, what happened? At some point, we just stopped seeing each other. And nobody else saw you either! What happened to chasing skirts all over the world, hookers and bitches at bars that magically end up in your hotel room?”

The weird little dance he does while saying this and the big grin on his face indicate that he’s still very much involved in the party life of the city and still a big fan of “chasing skirts”. I swallow hard and look at the other guys, who give me strange looks. I smile remembering the reason and shake off the strange feeling I get when I actually have to explain it.

He interrupts my train of thought though. “I met Aubrey the other day, she said you became some sort of saint, she said you’re going to a father?! Do you remember Audrey?”

I smile weirdly. “How could I forget Aubrey…” Aubrey used to be one of my more casual relationships in my other life. We spent a lot time together back then and, well, fucked.

I take a deep breath. “Well, she’s right. I’m engaged and we’ll have a baby in about two months.”

His eyebrows almost reach his hairline. “What the fuck? You? Engaged? Are you kidding me?”

I have to laugh. “Why on earth is that so fucking unbelievable?”

“You used to be the biggest womanizer, you used to fuck everything that wears a skirt. And you let yourself get tied down to be a dad and a husband? Dude, I can’t believe that.”

“That’s only because you haven’t met her yet.”

“We should change that.” He looks at me with still raised eyebrows, daring me to decline, but I just shrug and nod. “Sure. Let me call her really quick, and we can set something up!”

Jamie and Babu give me a look of surprise. Babu shields me from Andy with his body and puts his arm around me.

 “Dude, do you really think Maggie wants to meet this shadow of your past? After what happened yesterday?” he whispers.

“Maybe it’s a good distraction…”

“It’s your call, maybe you’re wrong, maybe you’re right.”

I retrieve my phone, ignore all the people who wished me a happy birthday, and dial Maggie’s number.

“Hi Babe!”

“Hi Maggie, how are you doing?”

“I’m okay, I just, eh… I’m a little on the edge, a little nervous… You know, I was gonna go grocery shopping, but then I decided against it.”

“Honey, you shouldn’t go grocery shopping alone anyways. You’re not allowed to carry heavy things!”

“I know. But… it’s a weird feeling. I’m even afraid to go out to the pool.”

I sigh. “Baby… I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t have left you like this.”

“Don’t worry about it. I felt fine before, and you’re just not supposed to sit around with your pregnant girlfriend on your birthday.”

“That would be my beautiful pregnant fiancée… but anyways. We’re already halfway through, and we’ll be home in about two hours, I promise. But why I’m actually calling is, I just ran into an old friend who would really like to meet you.”

“What old friend?” There’s confusion in her voice.

“We used to hang out a lot at parties…”

“Oh…” is all she says to that. She knows I’ve been a whore. She doesn’t really like it, but she never judged me for it.

“Baby… if you don’t want to see him, I totally understand.”

“No, it’s okay. How about tomorrow afternoon? We’re having a checkup scheduled for the morning, so we could do the afternoon…”

“Okay, cool!”

“I’ll talk to you tonight? Don’t forget, we have dinner reservations at 6pm, and afterwards is the birthday surprise from Shannon.”

“Sounds good. I’ll see you soon. I love you!”

“I love you too! Have fun,” I can hear her smile before she hangs up.

“Okay,” I tell Andy, “tomorrow, three o’clock?”

“Alright? Here’s my number, text me your address?”

“Done. See you then!” 

He hugs me one more time and waves goodbye.

“Dude, what the hell was that? You’re really going to let Maggie meet one of your old friends?” Jamie looks at me with a shocked expression. “She received death threats yesterday.”

“They weren’t from him. I’m sure they were from a girl, so… we’ll be fine.”

“Baby, what… Maggie!”

“Come on, I want to give you my big birthday present!”

She pulls me down the stairs with the biggest smile ever.

“Where are we going?” I ask her.

“The Lab.”


We just got back from my ice skating birthday party. It was amazing, everybody was having a great time and a lot of my friends were actually there, which is pretty good for a party on December 26th.
Maggie pushes the door open, and drags me up the steps to pull out the chair behind the computer. I sit down and pull her into my arms, while she’s typing on the keyboard.

“Okay. Are you ready?” She smiles big and wraps her arms around me. I put one arm around her and one hand on her belly.

“Absolutely. The entire time on the ice with the other guys, I couldn’t stop thinking about it! So let’s see this.”

“It’s nothing to be seen. It’s to be heard…”

I frown confused. “Okay, let’s do this.”


She hits play and I hear her whispering and counting.

“One. Two. Three. Four.”

There’s an acoustic guitar strumming and a soft drum beat and then there’s an electric guitar.
Then there’s a soft voice singing the words, it gives me goose bumps. I just look at her and watch her blush a little, while she stares at the computer screen.
“Settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in. Lie down with me, and hold me in your arms… And your heart’s against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck. I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet. And with a feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now.”

I close my open mouth and pull her head against my chest. She kisses my sternum and smiles against my skin while her voice on the tape sings on.

“Kiss me like you wanna be loved, You wanna be loved, You wanna be loved. This feels like falling in love, Falling in love, We’re falling in love. Settle down with me, And I’ll be your safety, You’ll be my baby. I was made to keep your body warm, But I’m cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms. Oh no, My heart’s against your chest, your lips pressed to my neck. I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet. And with this feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now. Kiss me like you wanna be loved, You wanna be loved, You wanna be loved. This feels like falling in love, Falling in love, We’re falling in love.”
Then there’s a guitar solo. She gives me an insecure look before she buries her face against my neck again. When it gets to the bridge, I can hear the song get more dramatic.
Yeah I’ve been feeling everything, From hate to love, From love to lust, From lust to truth. I guess that’s how I know you, So I hold you close to help you give it up. So kiss me like you wanna be loved, You wanna be loved, You wanna be loved. This feels like falling in love, Falling in love, We’re falling in love.”
When the song ends, the room gets quiet, all I hear is the soft humming of the computer and both our breathing. I need to let this sink in. She recorded a song for me, Maggie, who doesn’t even sing in the  shower when there’s a chance of me hearing her. She put an enormous amount of effort into this, with backing vocals and everything. I guess this is what Jamie gave her this morning.

I tip her head back with my index finger and look into her green eyes. They are self-conscious and insecure while they avoid me first, but then she finally dares to look at me.

“What do you think?” she whispers.

I lean forward a bit and let my lips softly touch hers. She moans a little and then leans more into the kiss, intensifying it by pulling me closer to her. I drive my fingers into her dark hair and hold her tight. When she pulls away, signaling that she wants to end the kiss, I lick over my lips, savoring her taste.

“Is that what you had in mind when you did this?” I point at the computer. She doesn’t answer, she just kneads her hands on the baby bump and gives me another nervous look.

“How…” I’m somewhat lacking words. “How did you do this? Did you write this song?”

She snorts. “Yeah right. No, it’s an Ed Sheeran song. I basically asked everybody I know if they know him and could give me his phone number. And on my birthday I got a text from Alex, you know, Gaskarth, with his number. So I called and asked if he’d sell me the instrumental to the song so that I could give it to you for your birthday. He said that it’s the cutest thing he’s ever heard and that he’d give it to me for free. So he sent it to me via email and then Jamie and Tomo helped me record it while Shannon took you Christmas shopping last week. He mixed it, and then brought it over this morning. So… what do you think?” she repeats anxiously.

“This is… by far, the best present I’ve ever gotten and something I wouldn’t even have dared to ask for. You’re really talented! And that you overcame your fear for me… can I ask for more?”

She smiles sweetly. “So you like it?”

“Yes! This day was perfect, and this present is amazing. I’m gonna put it on my phone and whenever I miss you, I can just listen to it!”

“I hope that doesn’t happen too often in the future,” she frowns but then regains her smile. “I’m so glad you like it!”

I take a few deep breaths and close my eyes. Nuzzling my face against Maggie’s chest, I wrap my arms around her bump and poke my nose into the fabric around it. I hear Maggie’s heartbeat and I feel the baby’s through her skin.

It’s a quarter to three. Andy should be here in 15 minutes, but to be honest I doubt that he will be on time. I don’t remember a single time he’d been on time. Mixed feelings about him meeting Maggie have been heavy on my mind all day. She isn’t in a very good place right now. She woke up with a nightmare around 4 this morning, screaming and throwing herself around. I wrapped my arms around her, trying to calm and wake her up, but also to keep her from hurting herself and me. I held her for a couple minutes before she was breathing properly again. I pressed my lips against her temple while I rubbed her back to stop her from crying.

“The baby!” she kept sobbing, “the baby!”

“What happened, honey? Tell me what your dream was about.”

She hid her face in my chest, it took her some time to be able to speak.

“I came into the nursery… and the baby lay in the cradle. Its throat was… it was… oh god, Jared!” she dug her nails into my chest and cried her eyes out. I swallowed hard and wrapped my arms around her even tighter to rock her back and forth. It took me half an hour to get her to sleep her again.
When she woke up three hours later, she looked horrible. The entire day she has had dark circles under her eyes. When we were at the doctor’s earlier today, she told Dr. Bennett about the threats and her nightmares and the fact that she was sleeping badly in general. The doctor told her that it’s completely normal that she’s worrying about the baby and that it can get hard on some mothers to be, but once the baby’s born this feeling usually subsides. Maggie looked like she didn’t really believe her, but she didn’t say anything.

When we were all done, Dr. Bennett asked me to speak with her in private for a moment. Maggie threw me a glance but left us alone.

“I’m worried about her, Mr Leto. The baby is getting affected by this, it’s nervous. You need to make sure that she doesn’t get upset too much. Keep her calm and happy. You don’t want this to go wrong.”
I promised her I’d do anything to do that. Now I’m not sure if inviting Andy over here is living up to that.

Maggie runs her fingers through my open hair. She has calmed down a little and our little time just the three of us is good for her I think. She has her eyes closed and her breathing is calm. She smiles. I can hear it. I start humming a tune that’s been in my head all day to both of them, I’m working hard on getting the baby used to my voice.

I see the clock turn three o’clock, and the door bell rings. I’m genuinely surprised.

“Who would’ve thought?” I murmur and shuffle myself off her. She extends her hand for me to pull her up to her feet and straightens my shirt.

“Do I look good?” she asks me and looks down at herself. I have to smile at her insecurity and take a good look at her. She’s wearing blue jeans, the slippers that Mom gave us, a white t-shirt and the cardigan that Shannon gave her.

“Baby, you’re a vision. You look amazing.”

She smiles and takes my hand to lead me to the door.

I take a deep breath and open the door. Andy stands there with his winning smile. That smile used to drop panties wherever he went, even though he wasn’t the most handsome guy ever.

“Leto, my man!” he grins and wraps his arms around me again. When he lets go of me again, he takes a look at my girl right next to me.

“So that’s the woman who took one of the biggest womanizers ever off the streets?” he chuckles and extends his hand. She takes it and shakes it with a polite smile.

“This is my fiancée Maggie, and this is Andy, an old friend of mine.”

“It’s crazy, I never thought a woman could do this to you, Jared.”

We move to the living room and I get the coffee and the tea I made earlier. “What do you mean?” I ask him while I hand him a cup.

“I never thought you’d commit again.”

I shrug and smile at Maggie, who doesn’t look too happy. “You know, when the right girl comes around, even the biggest playboy can’t resist.”

He gives her another look and then grins. “Man, I miss the good old times.”

This sets him off to a long talk about these exact good old times, rambling about various occasions, multiple parties where we went wild and didn’t spare us details about how exactly the ladies found their way into our beds. Maggie’s lips get tighter the more and more he talks, and after he mentions Aubrey a couple times, she can’t take it anymore.

“Who is Aubrey?” she asks me suddenly.

“She, uh…” I start, but Andy cuts me off.

“She used to be Jared’s fuck buddy. You haven’t met her?” he asks Maggie bluntly.

She pales visibly, but remains in her seat. “No, I haven’t.”

It’s the first time she directly spoke to him, and it makes me shudder, she’s so cold. I take her hand and squeeze it, and she squeezes it right back, linking her fingers with mine before she puts both our hands on her belly. Andy keeps talking, but I don’t really listen anymore. Maggie rests her head against my shoulder and caresses my fingers with her thumb. At some point she drops our hands into my lap in a very casual manner so that Andy doesn’t notice. He’s too caught up in his story about some party in Sydney anyways. I put my hand above hers when she grabs my dick through my pants and squeezes it. Her skilled hands massage me softly while I feel myself harden. Blood pulses through my cock and the way she snuggles herself into my side doesn’t really help my attempts to not let it show that she’s pleasuring me while somebody else is watching. If he paid any more attention to his listeners I might have realized that there’s a pretty big bulge in my pants by now and some sweat forming on my upper lip.

In the two seconds between stories, I use my chance. “You know, Andy, you should see this whole thing as an opportunity for you. I’m off the streets, so you can have all the pretty girls to yourself.”

That thought obviously hadn’t occurred to him yet, so his mouth evolves into a big grin. “You’re right. Dude, I don’t understand you, I’ll tell you this much. I’d never give this up. But if this makes you happy…” he gets up and I do too. “Then you should keep doing this.”

He gives me another hug and shakes Maggie’s hand. “It was a pleasure meeting you,” he says politely, nice but still distant.

“Same,” she smiles, “get home safely.”

I bring him to the door, while Maggie stays on the couch. At the door, he puts his hand on my shoulder. “Jared, she’s beautiful and she’s going to be a hot mom. I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks,” I grin. “Let’s stay in touch, okay?”

“Sure. See ya!”

I close the door behind him and go back to Maggie. She sits on the couch and has a naughty grin on her face. Her eyes are filled with desire and hunger. The way she looks at me turns me hard. And sparks a desire in me. I frown and ignore the growing boner while I sit down next to her. She shuffles closer to me and takes my cock in her hands again. I brush my knuckles against her cheek before my I grab her jaw and pull her close to my face.

“What was that?” I growl.

She looks at me honestly surprised. “What?”

“Turning me on like that, while Andy sits in the same room.”

She puts on a sweet smile. “It was just a sign of my appreciation for the fact that you chose me over your old life.”

I brush my lips over hers and stay extremely close, in touching distance of her lips.

“To me it felt more like you were proving a point.”

She bites her lip and looks ashamed, but doesn’t say anything.

“I think, you were trying to not even let me think about Aubrey.”

“Maybe,” she smiles. “I won’t be losing you to some ex of yours.”

I rub my nose against hers and she smiles and gives me a relieved sigh. I look her deep into her green eyes. “I’m glad you’re fighting for me. Even if it’s completely uncalled for.”

She pulls herself on my lap and grinds her core against my groin. “Better safe than sorry,” she grins.
I laugh and grab her hips to pull her closer against my crotch. Her boobs look glorious in her white t-shirt; I can’t help myself than to kiss them. They are firm and full; they feel amazing, even better than before the pregnancy.

Maggie moans with her eyes closed. I push her shirt up and pull her bra down and take her nipple into my mouth. Softly sucking on it, I flick my tongue over it and bite down on it, causing her to let her head fall back and moan. She pulls down my sweats and my underwear.

“Let me down,” she breathes. “Let me down, Jared.”

I release her and she sinks down on her knees, taking the head of my cock into her mouth. She sucks on it while she fists me up and down my dick. God, this feels amazing. Then she rolls her tongue over the tip makes me grab her hair and force her head up and down my shaft. I try to suppress my moaning to not let it show how much I’m enjoying myself. I want her to work for it.

And that’s exactly what she does. For some time I can restrain myself, but when she licks over my perineum the first time, I give up. I sit down more comfortably and let my head sink into the cushions behind me. Making eye contact with her, she grins and moans now and then.  She licks over the veins and over the tip while she massages my balls, making me groan. I grab the back of her head and force myself down her throat. She tries to breathe calmly, but then she gags around me, so I release her and watch her cough.

“Gosh, you’re so big,” she breathes and spits on my dick. She starts jerking me again with her hands and sucks on the tip while she listens to me voicing my pleasure with groaning.

“You know what I read the other day?” she asks when she takes him out of her mouth and just plays with him.

“Hmmm… keep doing that. No, what?”

“I read,” she says with a mischievous smile on her face, “that vegetarians have the better tasting sperm.”

I grin. “Do they?”

She mirrors my grin and licks from the base to the top. “I don’t remember.”

I thrust myself into her mouth and she tries to keep her head in one place by stabilizing herself with leaning against me. She feels so good, she’s really talented. The things she does with her mouth… I growl again, thrusting harder into her. She gags a little but stays strong.

“Touch yourself,” I order. I know I can’t take it much longer. “Get ready for me.”

I watch her digging her one hand into her pants and starting to rub her clit. Her moans send vibrations through her lips into my penis, so I moan even louder while she sucks me off.

“Yeah, baby,” I encourage her. “Just like that. Get wet for me!”

Her head bops up and down my dick and I love it. I feel my face getting warm, sweat forming on my nose and my forehead. I know I can’t let her push me forever without giving anything back.

“Are you wet yet?” I ask her while I deep throat her one more time. She gags but manages to nod, which makes me so proud of her. She knows that a question I ask while we’re having sex should better be answered.

I let her go and pull her up to lie down on the couch, only to pull down her pants and her underwear and to toss it to the side. Turning her to the side, I keep her legs as closed as possible and push the head of my dick against her entrance.

“Please, Jared… give it to me. Please!”

Her need for me sends shivers down my spine. I got to be inside of her right now, so I push my twitching dick deep into her pussy, while she flinches and moans.

“You okay, babe?”

I take the groaning that comes deep out of her throat as a yes and start to move inside of her. She feels great, just like always.

When I dig my nails into her flesh, she moans. When I slap her butt, she cries out. There’s a deep frown on her face while she lets me work her body, but I know it’s because the sensation is already more than just a spark inside of her.

I watch Maggie while she digs her nails deep into the cushions of the couch and she grinds her teeth together.

“Please… can I cum, please?”

“Cum. Now.” I order and moan when her pussy clenches around my dick. The guttural screams that leave her mouth echo through the house.

I turn her around and spread her legs so that I can watch her while I pound into her. The expression on her face reads pure pleasure. I slow my pace down and penetrate her slowly now. She closes her eyes while the orgasm visibly builds up inside of her. I reach over and slap her face. “Eyes open,” I growl. She opens them again, but there’s a visible daze over them. Her knuckles turn white while her hands grab whatever they can for support.

Maggie’s next orgasm hits her unexpectedly, she doesn’t even ask for permission. It shakes through her violently. Her eyes turn inwards and she screams again. Seeing her undone like that makes me hot. She’s feeling this because of me, lost complete control of herself because of what I did to her.
Sitting down on the couch, I pull her still convulsing body onto my lap and start to thrust into her again. She wants to lean against my chest, but I don’t let her. Instead I grab her chin and force her to look at me.

“What’s rule number one?” I ask her while my eyes bore into her. I watch her get sucked into them and crumble.

“I have to ask for permission before I cum.” Her voice is shaky and unstable, I have a hard time understanding what she actually says. She hasn’t fully recovered from that last orgasm yet.

“And did you just do that?”

“No… oh fuuuuuck,” she moans and tries to let her head fall back, but I don’t let her.

“So what do you say?”

She breathes hard, but focuses her gaze on me. “I’m sorry, so sorry…”

“Good,” I growl and rest my forehead against hers while I move inside of her. I’m extremely close now, and her moaning so close to me doesn’t really help. We voice our pleasure together through the empty house.

When she cums for the third time, I can’t take it anymore. Her pussy clenches around me and I empty myself into her with a loud growl. She screams and with my arms around her, I feel every muscle in her back contracting before she goes limb in my arms. Together, we collapse on the couch and just breathe. In and out. Inhale, exhale. Through both our skins, I feel the baby’s heartbeat again, it’s kicking too. I bury my face in Maggie’s hair while she cuddles as close as possible to me.

Nobody says a word while we watch the clouds through the window. I shuffle, so I can see her face. Maggie glows, she looks beautiful, happy and satisfied.

We hear the front door and steps through the house, but we don’t say anything, we just drink each other in and kiss as softly as humanly possible. I pull down her shirt to cover her breasts and she pulls a cover over us.

“What’s going on here?” asks Shannon when he enters the room.

I smile, and without tearing my eyes away from my fiancée, I answer “Nothing.”                                                                                                                             

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